How much more can one country endure?

1. Contribute money to organisations that can make it go further than you can: Red Cross, UNICEF, Lambi, Partners in Health, Food for the Poor, Doctors without Borders,

2. Know someone who has a yacht? Ask them to put it to use for this emergency situation.

3. Organise a team of doctors, nurses, health workers & medical students to go to Haiti, preferably on one of those boats.

4. Set up a collection site: canned food AND a can opener, energy bars, peanut butter, oats, packages of milo, powdered milk, bread, crackers, etc. antibiotic ointments, bleach, water purification tablets, gauze, small towels, soap, batteries, plastic bags, infant formula and diapers, matches, gloves, plastic sheeting & drop cloths, blankets.

5. Be prepared to offer to host Haitian people who might need to be relocated to nearby islands.

6. Volunteer your time and efforts now, and when Haiti is no longer frontpage news. It will take decades to rebuild Port au Prince. Decades.

Remember, however bad you think you have it, people in Port au Prince have it much worse right now. Doing nothing is not an option.


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