This page highlights groups, organizations and projects whose work I think represents merely the beginning of what we can do to stem the tides of destruction – marked by illiteracy, environmental pollution, poverty of relationships, willful ignorance and evil intentions – that currently threaten to wash us away.

While too many others are looking to reap their rewards by investing in dubious private entities for personal returns, and thus denying the public the benefits of their money and expertise, some people still think that investing in the public good is a good, noble and worthwhile effort. Individuals who are willing to step into the fray and to be the change they want to see in Jamaica are, indeed, a point of light.

Do check out these organizations. Better yet – give them your time, energy, money and support; they deserve all they can get!

If you hear about other organizations that you think I should include on this page, please let me know. (Of course, also let me know if there’s evidence that the organizations featured here are not quite what we are led to believe.)


RISE ( Reaching Individuals through Skills and Education)
57 East Street
, Kingston, Jamaica
Telephone: 876.967.3777

Fax: 876.967.3778



SET (Students Expressing Truth)
Prison rehabilitation program focused on digital technologies; housed at the South Camp, Tower Street and Fort Augusta Correctional Centres, Kingston.

Coordinator: Kevin Wallen
Tel: 876.960.1715

See also:


The Point Hill Diagnostic and Reading Center

Point Hill P.O., St. Catherine, Jamaica
Phone: 876.705.4378
Fax: 876. 705.5782


The Container Project

Coordinator: Mervin Jarman
Palmer’s Cross District, P.A.
Clarendon, Jamaica
Phone: 876.986.1675


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