The People’s United Party of Jamaica

July 16, 2010

I decided to start my own party.  Why not? After enduring the hypocritical, circus-like behaviour of the PNP, the bald-faced lying and deceitful JLP, and the near silence and invisibility of the NDM for the past several months, what are we supposed to do?  Just sit down and wait for all of them – a bunch 0f middle-aged men and women who lie so till dem not even know when dem a tell lie again,  who tink seh dem entikle fi tell Jamaican people anything whe’h come a dem mout’  an’ nobody nuh fi seh nutt’n to dem, who still nuh realize seh colonialism dun long time and dem not the annointed ones, and who still cannot figure out how to speak and act with sincerity and humility – to come tell wi di same half-cook foolishness they have for the past 30 years?  We certainly do have some eediyats among us who believe that all these relics need to do is pray and call on the name of Jesus and they will be cleansed of their evildoing, but do not count me among the thus annointed.

So, mi decide fi mek a move.   I believe we need a party that is led by the PEOPLE, works on behalf of the PEOPLE and speaks in the voice of the PEOPLE.  And since we in the 21st century – aldo’ nuff a wi still not even can read clock or sign – the internet seems a good place to start.  An’ like how Jamaican people love gossip an’ spread rumour a’ ready, it is only a matter of time before everybody a chat bout di PPJ as if dem did read this blog demself.

Just remember, this is not a party that is interested in running this country and becoming Prime Minister and what not.  We nuh inna dat deh ki’ na politics.  This is a party that is about getting things done by making sure that those who are elected as representatives will walk, talk and sign on the dotted line drawn by the PEOPLE.   We demand, they respond.  The one dem whe’ h deh inna govament right now nuh seem fi know wha’  fi do besides tief money, curry favour, gi backchat, spen’  off money whe’ h nuh belong to dem, an a gi out govament tings like is bingo prize.

So, it look like seh dem politcian yah – from mayor all di way up to prime minister – need smaddy fi tell dem wha’ h fi do, smaddy fi light fiyah unda dem tail fi get dem fi do dem job, an’  smaddy fi run dem out when dem n’ aa perform but a get paycheck an’ nuff bodyguard fi mek press statement full a lie an’  scull Parliament when dem feel like it.

Wi tiyad a it!  Wi tiyad a dem! Wi dun wid all a dem foolishness deh!  Is a new day dis!

The party now needs a platform.  In the coming weeks I will create and launch a new blogspace that will serve as the virtual home and primary communication portal for the party.  I am now counting on the PEOPLE (that would be you, reader!) to speak up and tell me what they want this party to address, and what we should prioritise in the next 5 years, and how we should go about creating a more active citizenry that is willing to fight for a better quality of life for this and future generations.  Let the PEOPLE speak!


2 Responses to “The People’s United Party of Jamaica”

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  2. Astley Henry Says:

    Agree for the most part with your diagnosis. For my part, I think we need major governance reform and a transformed education system.

    The political culture in Jamaica is so toxic. There is a wave of apathy, and those who are not apathetic support the disgraceful political doings of some of our leaders. So the people, I think have to be blamed more than the leaders for our current predicament.

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