Bruce Golding, you are fired!

May 12, 2010

From dodging to denial….

Just in case you don’t realise it yet Brucie, your days as PM are numbered less than 10.

When a political leader boldly LIES to both its citizens and those who make up the government that one is expected to preside over, purposefully misrepresents one’s relationship to criminals, abuses one’s access to power by using it to negotiate arrangements that have little to do with governance and national interest, and everything to do with preserving one’s political status and authority, and where the use of such power reflects a glaring conflict between two competing roles that the head of state does not acknowledge or understand as problematic, then there can be little confidence in that leader’s ability to govern.

Through his actions – from overt arrogance and disdain for the people’s point of view, to the bare-faced lying when even his colleagues felt it necessary to tell the truth  – all public trust has now evaporated and there is little left to assure Jamaicans that we have not been similarly misled in the past, and will not be treated in similar fashion in the near future.

Not only has Bruce Golding’s unethical behaviour disgraced the position of PM, but he has shown himself to be of questionnable character and a failure at providing the model of leadership that Jamaica needs right now.  And, at a time when we are struggling about what to do about the widespread crime – in terms of both direct violence and corruption – that is enveloping Jamaica, we can scarce afford to ignore the real damage that Bruce Golding’s conduct will have on such efforts.

The best think that Bruce Golding can do for the country right now is to resign, effectively immediately.


3 Responses to “Bruce Golding, you are fired!”

  1. I so agree, it was just May 5th I did a post entitled “The Line in The Sand for the JLP?”

    where I tried to track from memory all the issues that have occured since the administrations run but now this unexpected bombshell has hit us I guess a part two maybe in order, he (Bruce) knew all along and held out with a technicality, Punto finale? I think not.

    I think there is farrrr more to this than meets the eye and Samuda’s PR stunt was to distract us. I wonder if we will ever get the real juice out of this.

    Little or no credibility now for the JLP but in the post as linked above I questioned if the opposition is ready to take the reigns, I doubt it.

    nice post and good to see u back in action.

    Peace and tolerance


    P.S JFLAG blog on your blogroll is no more I changed the name to Gay Jamaica Watch long time ago mi dear, dem a joker yah.

  2. […] character and a failure at providing the model of leadership that Jamaica needs right now”: Long Bench thinks “the best thing that Bruce Golding can do for the country right now is to […]


    Yes,indeed, it is definitely time for Bruce to go!

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