Serve Buju Right!

October 21, 2009

I have been trying to hold my tongue on this one, even though everyone has been a-fire, or rather, a bun fyah fi di white bwai dem a ‘Merica whe’ decide fi tek set pan Buju an a cancel di óle a im concert dem.  A gwa’a seh sup’m bout dah campaign yah in a nex’ post.

Back row, L – R: Jonathan Mack, Bevan Dufty, Andrea Shorter, Eric Mar, Rebecca Rolfe, Tracii McGregor. Front row, Michael Petrelis and Buju Banton.)

But, I have been listening and reading and I cannot hear anybody in Ja. saying anything that hasn’t been said before.  Mostly, it’s the usual: dem fi lef Buju alone; im did sing di song ‘ow much year now, so why dem still a persecute ‘im. Dem gay people deh wa’an fi tell everybody whe’ fi do, an’ a  harass poor likkle Jamaica; dem w’aa tun wi country inna saddam an gomorrah, etc. etc. etc.

Even Bruce Golding ím a jump pan di case, ready fi tek di Charter of Rights whe’h dem politricksters fi pass fi ‘ow much year now, and tek it tun beatin’ tick ‘gainst gay an lesbian people.  Yuh evah ‘ear anyting guh so yet?  Instead a’ deh gi rights, im an’ an im combolloh dem w’aa fi use it fi mek sure seh gay an’ lesbian people kya’a nevah hupp’n wi mout’ an’ claim seh nobaddy a discriminate ‘gainst wi.  Ebery hadda country a create a bill of rights to protect its citizens. Fi wi Jamaica? No sah.  Fi wi Prime Minister a use it fi mek sure seh ím sheg up di smaddy dem whe’h ím nuh like.  Mi deh tell yuh seh mi nevah ‘ear nutt’n like dis so inna mi whole life.

But, mek mi jus’ seh whe’h mi come fi seh an done:

It serve Buju right seh dem people a America a shut dung im concert.

A ‘ow much year now im sing Boom Bye Bye? ‘ole éap.

A ów much year now im convert to Rasta? Nuff.

An nuh kyare ‘ow im a talk bout seh im n’aa sing BBB again and di “gay people dem” a fight ‘gainst ím fi no reason, im still nuh si seh if ‘im did fix im bizness a yaad im wud’n a ketch éll  a farrin.   Sake a ‘ow im a run dung farrin money, im nuh bizness bout im owna countryman dem whe’h im done declare war pan, an’ all gi di people dem war song fi sing an chant ‘gainst battyman an lesbian.   But, ketch ‘ow im run ga’an a di people dem country gaá push up imself, an’ wa’a dem fi pay im big money an promote im album, but a cuss babylon same time. Wha kin a foolishness dat?  Im nevah tink seh dem was gwa’a  lik out gains’ im?  An im di deh a gwa’an like seh im wa’a fi appease di white people dem dat im ga’an go siddung an tek pikcha wid dem.  Can yuh imagine:  im neva even badda fi w’aa deal wid im owna country people dem, but when di white people dem seh jump, in respond.  Im can now seh im did meet with a “gay rights group” for the first time.  What a shame, after all these years.   To mi, a money im a look.

Rasta a run dung money, while im bizness a ya’ad a spwile.

A dat mek mi stop an’ a considda.

Dis man a call ‘mself Rasta, and a chat bout ów im love black people and jah an all ki’n a ting.  But, yuh tink im did evah tink seh fi ím owna black people dem worth the time an’ effort fi siddung an reason ’bout how ‘im politics a cause people real pain?  No, cause we nuh important enough.  We nuh good enough.  Since wi n’aa put in nor tek money outta im pocket, im nuh bizness bout wi.  Wi a chichi whe’h fi im BBB spray shoulda tek care a long long time, nuh so?

Yes, mi a watch ‘ow di ting a go an mi really nuh like ów im a move a-tall tall.   Buju bizness more ’bout wha’ merican people dem affi seh dan bout wha’ fi im owna bredda an sistah dem a suffah a ya’ad.   A now mi really lose áffa im.

Mi tink seh im did ‘ave whole éap a time when im coulda seh sup’m like: im ‘ave fi im owna views pon homosexuality, yes, but im also a consider bout ów im music a affeck people and a perpetrate violence ‘gainst people, and im kyaa stan’ fi dat.  ‘Im coudda seh dat people fi ‘low adda people fi live dem life, an lef’ dem alone.  If a sup’m whe’h people feel seh it wrong, mek di law an’ Jah tek care a’ it.  And since ím a sing bout love and peace an what not, ‘im fi seh altho’ a fi’ im song, it did write at a time when im did young (im already seh dis anyway) an’ im n’aa ta’ak dem deh way again.  A strickly livity now.  But anno so im a seh.   An nuh kyare whe’ Mutabaruka wa’n fi seh, Buju still deh pan di war path; im just a change up im tactics, yuh nuh s’it?   A dat mi a seh.  So, yuh si di day when Buju can siddung an look inna one a fi im Jamaican bredda an sistah dem face an’ seh mek wi reason an’ si whe’h wi reach, when im can tink seh wi worth di time an’ effort fi come a meetin’ an come bump fist wid wi?   A ‘den mi wi rate im as a man, and as a Jamaican.  Buju need fi come karrec’!

But, since ím nuh tink wi worth nutt’n, mi kyaa’ defen’ im a raas.  Mi kya’ a sorry fi im none a tall.  So, mek im gwa’an suffa’h.  Mek im talk bout dem a persecute ím.  Im fi rememba seh when im a dig ‘ole fi smaddy else, im fi dig one fi imself tuh.  Is disrespect upon disrespect, an mi dun wid im.

An nuh badda tink seh dat easy fi mi fi seh.

All dem yah year whe’h pass an people a cuss an boycott Buju, mi still inna in corner.  Mi a seh, ‘low di man nuh! Yes, im did wrong wid di song an all wha’ im get caught up inna, but di ‘ole time mi a seh mek im tek im time an come roun’.  Gi’ im some space.  It come in like seh mi tek Buju like im is a bredda to mi, and mi gi’ im nuff chance.  Di óle time mi a seh to miself –  mi know seh mi an im nuh affi share the same views pon some tings, but wi share views pon nuff odda tings.  An’ mi a tink seh, jus’ like ów mi anno no Rasta an yet mi woudda march and chant and demand seh Rasta get di same rights as all we odda Jamaicans, mi deh expeck im fi do di same ting fi mi.  Just cause a some a di tings whe’h im a seh.   Anno im bring mi come pon dis yah earth, an im nuh suppose fi deh do nutt’n whe’h fi shorten fi mi days.  But it look like she Buju can’t even reach di point whe’h im can recognize seh people like mi a human being tuh.  An’ ím have whole heap a time fi consider and come up with a mature perspective.  Im nuh 18 years old again.   But, mi deh fi’n seh im tun ventriloquist now.  Ím nuh sing di BBB song all di time.  But wha’ im a do? Im jus’ a siddung an a cry victim, an a mek adda people a bun fyah an what not while im a look clean and Rasta-righteous.  Cause a di concert money dem im want.  A di stage show an di whole ‘eap a travel up an dung im want.  Mi nuh rate dat a tall.  Im a work ‘gainst mi, while mi deh work pon fi im behalf.  An nutt’n can go so.

Mi fi’n seh im nuh wa’a fi acknowledge what kind of impact ‘im áve pon Jamaican people psyche.  Is a helluva ting dat fi sing a song, an den people a tek it up as not only anthem, but as a statement of truth and affirmation that they can use to beat up other citizens.   No matter wha’ did mek ím sing di song inna di fus’ place, nuh matter what ím intentions, nuh matter that ‘im cannot control how people use ím work.  Im a a notice di effeck whe’h it a have, and im shoulda look inna imself an know seh im affi tek some responsibility fi di climate yuh a élp create.  But Buju can’t do that.

So yes, mi dun wid Buju.


14 Responses to “Serve Buju Right!”

  1. glbtqja Says:

    I was wondering when you were gonna say sum’n, u too quiet fi too long

    Well they have hit him where it hurts, the pocket so there u go.

    Sizzla feeling the pinch in Denmark as well and Elephant Man in Canada is under pressure as well.

    We need more yard lgbts though to speak up on issues like this and make it a balanced effort I think we are too comfortable or lazy or quiet here.


  2. american reggae fan Says:

    this is one of the best commentaries i’ve read on the entire subject to date. it really explains the jamaican LGBT point of view without the taint of American influence, politics, and agenda.



  4. PDR Says:

    Your writing is atrocious.

    • longbench Says:

      I do consider your comment to be high praise, as it’s coming from someone who loves to be contrary. Happy New Year to you; stop by again!


    Will do Longbench !! Nuff respect !!

  6. PDR Says:

    …think nothing of it!!

  7. SFactivist Says:

    All i can say is…exactly:

    No matter wha’ did mek ím sing di song inna di fus’ place, nuh matter what ím intentions, nuh matter that ‘im cannot control how people use ím work. Im a a notice di effeck whe’h it a have, and im shoulda look inna imself an know seh im affi tek some responsibility fi di climate yuh a élp create. But Buju can’t do that.

  8. jdid Says:

    what have you to say of Buju now?

    • longbench Says:

      Jdid – thanks for stopping by! Since you’re not the only person to have asked me this, I think I’ll put a postscript in the post.

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