Safety and Negligence

March 6, 2009

Now, you send your child to school and the next thing you know is that police coming to your yard to tell you that your child is dead? And the child is not dead because of a stray bullet or some odda pickney stab them, but because some unthinking principal allows a big, heavy piece of furniture to be stored in in the schoolyard where young children play. Said principal also decides that it is ok to leave it there, because where else can they put it? There is no consideration of the fact that big pieces of furniture pose a serious risk for small children. Well, they know now, at somebody’s expense.

This was not an “unfortunate accident” and it is unconscionable to treat it as such. The death of this child is a clear example of negligence and the principal and whichever teacher was supposed to be supervising the children should be arrested, charged and fined for negligence!! And they should lose their licenses, too!

The parents of the children at the school need to get together and sue the Ministry of Education for not providing adequate safety guidelines for schools to follow, and sue the principal for endangering the lives of their children. That will teach the Ministry and di principal an teacha dem deh fi pay more attention to these issues!

I am completely enraged by this situation, especially since it is highly unlikely that community leaders in the area will step in and advocate on behalf of the parents who have a right to demand that the schools are safe for their children. Can you imagine how many other safety violations are in these schools and nobody is paying attention??


4 Responses to “Safety and Negligence”

  1. Stunner Says:

    Such a horrible story. that is gross negligence on the part of the school’s administration. “school family was doing its best to comfort them.” – the parents should sue that damn school and the ministry of education as you rightfully said!

    • longbench Says:

      Stunner – Oh yes. If I wasn’t already pissed, that phrase made me livid! The “hush nuh mind” approach is a sneaky but well tested strategy used by those who stand to lose, from the PM (remember Portland 14?) on down.

      First, you tell them you feel their pain (mi feel fi dem yuh si), then you individualize it (such a nice likkle girl; such an unfortunate accident) then you offer some pittance (a little attention, show up at the funeral, put it in the newspaper) and then leave them to suffer alone.

      The intention? Get the ones who lost something to focus on the wrong thing: what they could have done differently to prevent the loss, but not on who and where the actual responsibility lies. And if they manage to begin to see this out of the grief – we love crying, not too much talking, cause things come out – then emphasize how much trouble it will be to pursue justice, and better to just accept the wrong.

      After watching this story play out over and over again, this is how we have come to learn to that “justice” lies in our silence and individualized suffering.

  2. […] wonders if increased security at one particular school will help students learn better, while Long Bench is appalled at the negligence involved in the schoolyard death of a child in Jamaica. […]


    GROSS AND COLOSSAL NEGLIGENCE on the part of the principal.LAW SUIT!!

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