But si yah?

January 3, 2009

My lovely, time-wasting siblings sent this to me. It was taken in 2005; I have no idea who these men are.

Jamaicans Protest in front of the White House

But I do have a question: so how come dem kyaa’ fi’n demself dung a Devon Road in front a di Office a di Prime Minister fi go tell im di same ting: “Tap di rass [Fill in the blank] now”?

The answer, my dears, is blowing in the wind.


9 Responses to “But si yah?”

  1. Annie Paul Says:

    oh this is priceless…but yes your question is legitimate too LB.


    Good question,but nonetheless brilliant!! LOL!!

  3. kadene Says:

    …and a charge of abusive language would reach them…

  4. YardEdge Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more…we need more peaceful protest in this country…emphasis on PEACEFUL, hopefully we’re still capable of that.

  5. Stunner Says:

    LOL! Who knows they may be heading there soon.

  6. duttybwoy Says:


  7. Javed Jaghai Says:

    I feel so much more could be accomplished in Jamaica, if we had a better government. When I say better I don’t mean PNP or JLP or XYZ…but better in terms of the shrewdness of our MP’s, and senators. I swear, ANYONE can came become an MP in Jamaica (mark of a democracy, or mark of a largely ignorant electorate).

    It’s them we should be protesting against; dem niid fi tap dem raas!!!

    By the way, that image is hilarious. Jamaicans are so bold…as in, “bright”. I must add, that I prefer “Tap di raas war now”, to whatever the English translation is.

  8. hehe… true.

    And to think that said heediyat MP’s are interpreters/defenders of our (anachronistic) Constitution. Bwai sa….

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