Don’t you just love…

December 7, 2008

when people do their jobs? Contractor-General Greg Christie has been at it at again, and our favourite company, Jamaica’s Undisputed Trailblazer of Corruption (JUTC), is again under the microscope. Memba seh ah dis a di same smaddy who has been appointed by Golding, only to be slapped and dissed by said Golding how much times about stepping out of line. Of course, that’s only when he tries to do his job, and his sniffing comes a bit too close to home. But the man does not give up, thank goodness. So who and who a resign now, and who fi go a jail, but dem probably not going to hang dem yah smaddy yah. No, dem too nice fi dat.

But wait likkle nuh? A gem caught my eye in today’s reportage:

“The report pointed to breaches in the procurement guidelines and identified the late chairman, Douglas Chambers, as having ignored the rules while awarding contracts to Simber Productions Limited, a firm in which he held majority shares.”

Ca-ca fa’at!! as my grandmother would say. Ah wha’ dis now?! Dem mean the same venerable Douglas Chambers, fi who everybody was up in arms about when dem kill im di odda day? Da’a deh Douglas Chambers?  Yuh mean seh fi im shit did stink to? What a prekkeh!  Well, look out for the admonishments and the how-dare-you’s (Mike Henry tried that one last week; you see how far he got…) as the walls come tumbling down.  I can’t wait for Christie to close the degrees of separation between some of these MP’s and the dirt they’ve been dealing.  I’m also keeping an eye on the cigarette/contraband issue that Danville Walker just brought up.  Ah deh so di ants’ nest deh.


4 Responses to “Don’t you just love…”


    Bwoy,the Jamaica Urban Transportation Corporation (JUTC)and the atrocious levels of corruption smells like one big dutty pit latrine.Awfully,awfully stink!!The stench emanating from this organization, mired in crookedness,unscrupulousness,fraudulency and extortion is indeed foul,malodorous,abhorrent and nauseating.The level and extensive nature of corruption is so abonimably abusive,that even the late chairman, Mr. Douglas Chambers, hired to sanitize and decontaminate the JUTC of institutionalized corruption, interestingly, became tainted, entangled, and contaminated by the fetid filth of the JUTC,as indicated by the reports issued by the Contractor General,Mr. Greg Christie regarding procurement breaches by Mr. Chambers’ firm Simber Productions.Mr. Christie, you are indeed doing a swell,terrific and tremendous job in your official capacity.Please keep it up.Yes,Longbench,like you,I am eagerly anticipating the fall out and the exposure of the CRIMINOCRATS/KLEPTOCRATS that people Parliament from this JUTC saga or narrative of corruption in our CRIMINAL STATE of Jamaica.Nuff respect!!

  2. Goat Mouth Says:

    yeah that’s what happens when you put the wolf to guard the sheep…Chambers assigned to JUTC to clean up corruption decides the best way to do that is to join them in ripping off the jamaican public. too cynical for words. how can anyone defend such behaviour?

    three cheers for Greg Christie! the man is inspiring–Greg Christie for PM!!


    Goat Mouth, come to think of it, Prime Minister Greg Christie does have a nice sounding ring to it.Nuff respect!!

  4. Javed Jaghai Says:

    Ah dear. The saga of corruption, unscrupulousness, misconduct and venality never ends.

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