From the horse’s mouth

November 24, 2008

Heh heeyyyh!! When Butch Stewart’s editorial agrees with me, well, I don’t know what’s about to happen, but something is.

In today’s editorial:

“Many Jamaicans may not wish to believe it, but there are some issues on which the majority of our people have more in common with the Republicans and the American political right than with the liberal Democrats and president-elect Mr Barack Obama. Those issues include gay rights, abortion and, of course, the death penalty.”

Of course, he also wrote some other scary cowardly things, but I won’t address those.  You can, though!

Meantime, look out fi di rivva mumma or di rollin’ cyaaf inna broad daylight…


2 Responses to “From the horse’s mouth”

  1. kadene Says:

    he’s right, Butch is, about the majority…but just look at the carnage the Republicans have left behind for Obama to clean up! The Republican base is shrinking, we ought to consider that, and their ideas are outmoded. I was almost struck dumb over the weekend when I learnt that abortion has been legal in Italy since 1978 and that the Pope’s diocese of Rome has the highest abortion figures in the country! It’s not a political issue there, in a country 97% catholic.
    And the RCchurch is forming the ass in America! sorry to go off base…got carried away.


    A considerable number of J’cans are indeed Republicans and they are not even aware of it.Butch is definitely right on this one.Nuff respect!!

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