On blaming African Americans for Prop. 8 in California

November 12, 2008

Despite the ridiculous racist attacks coming from white gay men and lesbians, don’t even think about it (I really want to see how noted sexopinionator Dan Savage is going to dig his whiny ass out of the mess he has created.)

Read this righteous rant from Ernest Hardy, and then think again.


3 Responses to “On blaming African Americans for Prop. 8 in California”

  1. duttybwoy Says:

    If ever there was irony this is. African American march, protest virtually mobilized a whole generation in the 60s all for equality and justice but in 2008 would have voted to take away those same rights from others and at the same time help propel their own to the highest office thanks to those rights. WOW!!-You couldn’t write this a book

  2. Fiyu Pikni Says:

    7 of 10 African Americans backed Prop 8; still, blacks were just 10 % of the electorate in California. Significant, yes, but you can’t blame African Americans for the repeal of Prop 8.

    Anti-gay prejudices are still pervasive in American culture, and those biases came to the fore on election day. A huge step back, but, a necessary reality check as to where support for the LGBTQ movement really stands.

    • longbench Says:

      But also a huge reminder about what happens when the mainstream lgbtq political activists take black and brown people for granted, and belittle the real force that religion is, and can be.

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