Job Opening: Wife Needed

October 17, 2008

For the past few weeks, I have been suffering from a malady recently diagnosed as sooncomeitis. More than a disease, its a syndrome, whose symptoms are pretty recognizable and, individually, are often taken for granted. That is, until you realize they are connected to and reinforce each other. Major symptoms (although not the only ones) include:

1. completing tasks in your head and convincing yourself that you actually did them;

2. beginning another task before you even complete the first one, and then forgetting which direction you were headed;

3. remembering to do something only to forget again the minute you get up to do it;

4. remembering that you left someone on hold or didn’t respond to an email several hours ago, just at the point where you are about to fall asleep.

I cannot tell you how many posts I have completed while driving, eating, and taking a shower, always on my way to somewhere. Lately, I barely have an hour to spare to sit down and write something down. While there may be several remedies for this situation, I am convinced that the one that is most amenable to my situation, is to get a wife. That way, I can stay focused on what I love to do, and don’t have to juggle so many other seemingly equally important things at the same time.

Serious applications and inquiries only. If applicants do not fulfill all the criteria for eligibility, don’t bother to contact me.


6 Responses to “Job Opening: Wife Needed”


    Some wife,by Syfers.

  2. longbench Says:

    indeed! who wouldn’t want one?

  3. tuis Says:

    hello, not really a wife but a partner suffering from the same sickness but a more complex and compund level. Wishing you a quick solution and my self.


  4. nadirah Says:

    make a daily checklist on things to do including time indicated, start time and completion time. going thru them every night to see what is been done or yet to be done. Over human brain is smart it will make adjustment. you need to learn to forcus one at a time, Read more books it will enhance your brain. I hope this will help. Having a wife with same condition as you will not help your relationship with her or better your condition. It can make it worst for both of you in a long run.

  5. April Says:

    Hello im april very loveing and want a husband will relovcate id love you and help u please e mail me back

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