August 31, 2008

I am fine. A little turned and wet up like everyone else. This was supposed to be a storm passing by, not a hurricane whe ready fi wash we weh – again. Didn’t feel like no storm to me and certainly not to dem people whe dem house, husband, land and whatever wash whe’. Yuh hear Harbour View bridge pop dung, right? The way I see, it, we ought to look on the bright side of things: at least the Yallahs bridge is still standing. Yes, if you coming from Lyssons, you can at least reach HV now before you haffi tun back.

What a crosses an’ trial pon we!


2 Responses to “Well…”


    Glad fi hear sey yuh okay!Tek good care a yuh self!!

  2. rawpoliticsjamaicastyle Says:

    You are as bad as they come! LOL!

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