And then again…

August 31, 2008

the one thing that is certain in Jamaica is that there is no shortage of drama in the aftermath of a natural disaster. In Harbour View and elsewhere, insanity and ingenuity take comfort in each other…

According to Richard, one of the self-appointed guides at the former Harbour View bridge, “the last time the bridge had a breakaway was in 1986 and then they were able to make some money but only for a short time. “We were able to make a little money then but they quickly fixed it,” he said. “This time should be different.”

I am really just trying to figure out why the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management thinks that merely warning people to stop crossing the river will do much? Richard knows and recognizes something that ODPEM doesn’t. Maybe they should talk…


2 Responses to “And then again…”

  1. rawpoliticsjamaicastyle Says:

    You are bad!


    Yes,indeed,Jamdown is never short of drama and theatre,especially,post a natural disaster,such as T.S. Gustav.I saw the piece in the Observer regarding the former Harbour View Bridge and the guides,and laughed initially.But on further reflection empathised with the respective parties/groups involved in such endeavours,notwithstanding,the danger crossing the river.Admittedly,the Ying/Yang of Jamaican society in terms of lunacy/mania juxtaposed with resourcefulness/innovativeness,is definitely manifesting itself adroitly in this area.And all of this couched, or, framed within the context of thriving entrepreneurial activities, such as markets on both sides of the former bridge, with the guides ferrying persons across the river as the principal actors.One wonders how many similar scenes of craziness and cleverness are being replicated across the island in the name of survival, with Nannies and Joshies being the prime motivator.Hopefully,a temporary structure will be installed relatively soon to facilitate residents of this area until a more permanent structure can be constructed.Glad to see that you are okay!Nuff respect, and take good care of yourself.

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