Attilah Springer – Power of the Spirit

August 24, 2008

Here’s something worth reading and pondering in the wake of Olympics fever. The author writes from Trinidad.


3 Responses to “Attilah Springer – Power of the Spirit”

  1. Ruthibelle Says:

    Talk about things that make you go “hmph” (I need to do a blog bout that-TTMYGH…)

    Unity is so easy to achieve for mini-causes, but fixing the whole is just soo complicated… we probly need to xero in on one area first, then the next… and work toward the fixing of the whole like that.

  2. Annie Paul Says:

    Thanks for this LB. PD showed me the photos, they’re amazing, as if the gold medals weren’t astonishing enough, when you realize the conditions you sort of understand how easy it must have been for Usain and others to prevail over others in the way they did–

    i also thought the point you made about flipping the script really incisive. i have a great quote from Orlando Patterson of all people in which he does this, talks about the nation as a woman/mother whose children have scattered all bout. i really think you should develop your point into a blog. for the benefit of others i quote it here:

    “Somehow, it seems entirely ‘natural’ to use ‘women’ as a metaphor for the disenfranchised, and the ‘state’ as the site of patriarchal dominance. However, what if you flipped the script: what if the state were the woman/mother wrangling her unruly, defiant sons and daughters into place? By point is this: What if we didn’t reify certain concepts like ‘gender’, ‘underclasses’, ‘elite’ etc. but used this opportunity to rethink them?”

    and by the way i had no idea what ‘pocket rocket’ meant. i’m mortified! shall alter that reference asap…

  3. Annie Paul Says:

    oh i should have said the points you made elsewhere…

    wow, what a godsend the internet is in moments like this when we are besieged by the weather!

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