Olympics Jubilee

August 22, 2008

Show Yuh National Colours!

Show Yuh National Colours!

Well, is one piece o’ party deh a ya’ad! Is like one national bashment. Joy like this has never been seen, not even when Ja first became independent…

Church lady deh pon bus ‘a show di passenger dem how fi dance di Gully Creep, cau’ seh she practice ‘hole a la’s night…

Vendor dem nuh have enuf han’ fi sell off di Jamaica souvenir dem wha’ people neva did want before but a pay big money fi it now…

Man lef from Crossroads a wear black, green an go’l panty pon im head fi sell di drawers dem; im sell off before im couldda reach HWT…

Usain yam a sell like it mek outta go’l…

All k’in’a frock an’ outfit a mek outta flag an’ kerchief…

Customs officer dem nice nice…

Who nuh spray paint demself, spray paint di whole cyar in black, green an go’l…

Nobody nuh wa’a go pon no PJ or Portia bus; only Usain, Veronica, Shelly-Ann an’ Melaine bus a run a town…

Not a piece o’ vexation or cut-yeye in sight…

I await the pictures. Annie? Peter Dean Rickards? Anybody?


9 Responses to “Olympics Jubilee”


    Jubilation!! Hullabaloo!! Pandemonium!! One is hoping that this will lend itself to some form of national unity.

  2. duttybwoy Says:

    mi hav flag wid di plastic gold tip (nuh laugh).
    This is unlike anything I have seen.A good week for Jamaica. National unity?, I really hope so.

    one love

  3. rawpoliticsjamaicastyle Says:

    Well, I am not sure about the ‘national unity’ for the long haul yet. Indeed, from what I read on blogs elsewhere there is the intimation that this might be in the making. For my part, I SINCERELY hope so! But, we know how Jamaica can be! So, we work with it! What is interesting is that we have not awarded a national holiday, notwithstanding the exhaustion of the previous week. Apparently, Uncle Bruce is holding firm. Good for him but I could use the rest! So, they better give us or we will be forced to take it, it appears! LOL!

  4. longbench Says:

    this current display of “national unity” is ephemeral and spontaneous, entirely organized around a specific entity: the success of the athletes at the Olympics. National unity is definitely not sustainable given how corrupt and hierarchical the society is; there would have to be agreement about what we want to be united around. After the euphoria dissipates, “Jamaica is a great country” is not enough; the cracks in the veneer are already starting to show. I really don’t see where we have the capacity to sustain such national unity – that takes incredible sophistication and planning and our decisionmakers don’t seem to believe in either of those – nor am I all that interested. Besides, after a point, preserving such sense of unity at every level becomes a toxic practice, and tends towards purging of those who don’t trot along. It starts to feel like “bandwagonists only”.

  5. longbench Says:

    I’m taking the holiday today. We need to get some sleep after all we have gone through this past week!

  6. Ruthibelle Says:

    yes we do.. JA to the weerl

  7. longbench Says:

    What question are you answering Ruthibelle?

  8. rawpoliticsjamaicastyle Says:

    I think she meant the bit on the holiday thingey!

  9. longbench Says:

    Duh. Thanks. I wasn’t really paying attention. Yep. lack of sleep.

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