Sounds familiar?

August 17, 2008

When I read this article in the Observer, I wondered if it wasn’t Jamaica that Keeble McFarlane had in mind when he said the following about post-communist Russia:

“While they can vote for their leaders, they still can’t be sure of the integrity of the voting system and the arbitrary rules which favour certain people running for office at the expense of other worthy candidates. Most of all, the economic system has allowed the rapacious to make themselves very wealthy while vast numbers find themselves barely able to eke out an existence.”



One Response to “Sounds familiar?”


    Yes,indeed,the quote is extremely applicable and apropos, with respect to the politics and economics of Jamaica, although,specifically directed to post-communist Russia,which in essence, can now be viewed or considered as a form of autocratic capitalism.In Keeble McFarlane’s quote/statement there is a certain universalist application,where such political/economic characterisation,features,constructs,and machinations can be globally applied to many countries in various regions of the world.But as Bob Marley states, in one of his popular and celebrated refrains “whoever the cap fit let dem wear it.” Undoubtedly,the cap fits Jamaica.

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