“‘Cool Runnings’ are Heating Up” by Colin Channer

August 12, 2008

In today’s issue of the Wall Street Journal, a [conservative] daily financial newspaper published in the US, Colin Channer pens a rather poetic column exploring how/why Jamaicans are so enamoured of running, and the social and symbolic meanings of speed. He managed to create a nice balance of rah-rah patriotism with nuanced critique and appreciation for the complexity of everyday life in Jamdung. Not too often you find such a mix these days, right? I’ll send it to Mr. Boyne as well.


4 Responses to ““‘Cool Runnings’ are Heating Up” by Colin Channer”


    Wishing Mr. Usain Bolt the best in the 100m race.Interesting bill board picture of Mr. Bolt.Undoubtedly,the commercialization and commoditization of Mr. Bolt is fully underway by sundry corporations.Indeed,it will increase one hundred fold if he wins the marquee 100m event in the Olympics, and even more so, if he is victorious in both the 100m and 200m.Hopefully, he has good handlers to manage and administer his career, not only the financial, but also the psychological dimensions.Because, in essence, he his now in the major leagues and will definitely need such handlers.Nuff respect Mr. Bolt, go foir it.


    Excellent piece on Jamaica and its extraordinary runners Mr. Colin Channer.A mmust read for all Jamaicans!!

  3. longbench Says:

    Yes, I think the piece should be shared widely, because it is more substantial and does far more than most of the editorials and letters have been able to.

    Usain is definitely emerging as a commodity. What will be his value? How long will he endure? Only his PR crew can determine that. He will certainly become an extension of this “Brand Jamaica” ting, which I have not been able get behind at all. I hope for his sake that he does well at the games. For me, may the best person [who can find it in themselves to rise above all else in the moment] prevail.


    Longbench,I concur!Wishing both Mr.Asafa Powell and Mr.Usain Bolt the best,and indeed, may the best man/person prevail.Most definitely,both athletes,et al,will become part of the Brand Jamaica marketing psychology.

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