Best of Harbour View

August 4, 2008

The women played, and played well. While everyone’s all ga-ga over who’s going to the Olympics, I’d rather give my support to home-grown talent where it will make a difference. I really want to see a football and cricket team for girls in primary and high school.


6 Responses to “Best of Harbour View”

  1. rawpoliticsjamaicastyle Says:


    I remember getting a tad upset last year, however, at the National Trials with former PM Simpson-Miller about her constant harping on ‘homegrown talent’. I am like, should not this have been the case for a whiles now?

    I went to a high school that was very talented in sports – St. Jago High School, and knew of many athletes who did not transition from being ‘talented juniors’ into real talents at the senior level, in part, because there were no support systems in farin!

    So, I am with you! Just that, I would like for Government to actually take these projects on and seriously develop them – a real sporting culture if ever there was one! Perhaps, then, I too could pretend to participate in sports! LOL!

  2. Rohan Says:

    Aren’t there girls’ high school football teams? I can’t remember ever hearing of primary school football for girls though. Or of girls’ cricket teams at the primary or high school level.

  3. longbench Says:

    i don’t know of any girls’ teams of cricket or football. And with all the olympics madness, ironically, it will be even more difficult to make the case for developing such programs. You see the relatively little effort and resources we have put into developing a swimming program, for example. We love to put all our eggs in one basket, so running will get even more focus and attention. But, that doesn’t mean girls’ sports can can’t or won’t be expanded on some small scale. A handful of us just need to commit to doing it.

  4. Rohan Says:

    Captain Bakery Under 19 Schoolgirls Football League. Manning Cup for girls. thats what it was called. I havent been home in a little while and google isnt helping but it seems to have died which would be disappointing.

  5. longbench Says:

    Yep, just like the Women’s Cricket is about to fall apart; dem fight out the person who really was committed to building it; There is just not enough support for women in these sports. Even netball gets more attention. Yes, we are all about running around here. A dream of mine is to get parish-level girls’ teams going. A letter to and meeting with madame babsy would help, yes?

  6. Rohan Says:

    Netballers are internationally successful. Track and field too. Success breeds money and sponsors. For other women’s sports to achieve that level of financial success someone is going to have to be willing to walk behind some people to get them to fork out some money. At the younger age group level (under 19) people tend to support schools. Parents come to support their kids’ schools, present and past students come out. It’s something they can get behind. I dont know that people are really so supportive on a parish level ie Manchester vs St. Elizabeth. Speaking of Babsy reminds me how strange its going to be to go home and see totally different people leading the country.

    Girls hockey is reasonably successful I think though. That’s one that’s been going on forever.

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