Worries in de dance…

July 8, 2008

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, but here we have it —

In today’s paper, Garth Rattray states that “The Jamaica Observer repeatedly posited that the killing stemmed mostly from the redundancy exercise and that the killers probably had some affiliation with the PNP.”

Let me translate: Butch Stewart who is a staunch Labourite and regularly uses the Observer as his personal mouthpiece to legitimize his pro-corporate greed views, continues to deflect attention away from himself and his PSOJ cronies, by throwing suspicion on the JUTC workers and the PNP. Memba wha’ dem seh bout when you pint one finga pan smaddy else? Ayh sah!

Then, the next mout-a-massy good fi nutt’n one name Desmond McKenzie say fi him name deh pon hit list, an police show him. Hear im nuh:

“I understand that there is a list that is out there that has the names of persons who are working for the interest of this country. I understand my name is on it … . As far as I am concerned, I will never allow anybody, whether real or imaginary, to derail the work that I am doing,” he said to shouts of approval from JLP supporters.”

In other words: Desmond cannot take somebody else in fi him city get more attention than him. Even when dem ded. Now, him claiming that he is “working for the interest of the country.” Mind you, we might want to ask where police get that information from, and if their information is so precise and their sources so trustworthy, how come they couldn’t prevent Chambers’ murder? Who else knows they are on “the list”? And who is to say that the police did not concoct that very list featuring those who had been paying them off, and who they would willingly cancel if necessary? Since when is the police trustworthy on issues of intelligence? And where this list come from all of a sudden? Of course, all of these questions are only valid if such a list does exist, which it probably doesn’t. In other words, I think Desmond McKenzie is a big fat liar and is just looking to get up on a soapbox to deflect any suspicion away from himself on the Chamber’s murder case. This too-convenient speculation bout im deh pon hit list sounds like the kind of self-serving rumour-mongering that he knows will work in Jamaica; remember, we can’t bother to separate fact from fiction; from him say it, it must be true. Now everyone will be chattering about The List, and who deh pon it, an who shoulda deh pon it, an who whe’n deh pon it but dem name tek off becau’ seh dem pay off who an what not. Waste of time.

But something else is bothering me. So, make me understand something now. Does McKenzie mean to say that the public latrine and garbage dumps that are otherwise known as National Heroes Circle, Parade and Coronation Market reflect his best efforts at working in the interest of this country? That the state of the Ward Theatre is somehow one of his shining moments as mayor? That the stench, crime, potholes and abandoned buildings that dot downtown Kingston are at best, mere hints of his tremendous capacity to transform the city into a place of neighborhoods rather than of garrisons? He is right. He will never allow anybody to derail his intransigent commitment to lowering the quality of life of citizens in Kingston, by raiding the city’s coffers to line the pockets of his and his private sector cronies and personally creating obstacles to the re-development of city.

Just in case that went over your head, that was a bald-faced warning from McKenzie to all of us who think we want to clean up government, so listen up and take heed. If you try to stop him in his established career of theft and thuggery of the people of Kingston, he will take you out, just like someone cancelled Chambers. That sounds like a challenge to me. Let’s step into the ring, shall we?

So, what we have here are two established Labourites who are clearly worried about getting muddied up in the muck that they created. Good, light some fire under dem ass, yes. Someone needs to start doing some serious muckraking and prepare a file on each of them – Zacca, Samuda, Mahfood, de whole a dem. No matter how long it take, all dem nastiness must come to light.


2 Responses to “Worries in de dance…”

  1. b.art Says:

    when I die, I want a copy of ur blog printed out and laid in my grave.

    LOVE it!!!

    I knew I couldn’t have been the only one to pick up on the Observers attempt to make this a PNP thing.

    Desmond Mckenzie and his party are certainly aware of the power of hysteria and misinformation. Now he’s looking to score hero points off of Chamber’s demise.

    OH lord, oh lord


    Worries in de dance indeed!!

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