Passive Voice, Active Death

July 5, 2008

Alright, I think this is my last post for a while. I am now completely fucking depressed. First Esmin Green now Dezreen Irvin. Both 49, both women still a wuk out dem soulcase fi mine pickney an’ den smaddy negligence an fuckery come kill dem.

Today’s big news:

Wa’n chuck run inna cyar dung a Half-Way-Tree an’ lik dung an’ kill w’a newspaper vendor whe’ did 5 months pregnant.

Corey Robinson of The Observer article says:

“Police said the tragedy occurred shortly after 7:00 am when the driver of the blue and white truck belonging to Domestic and Environmental Cleaning Solutions, lost control of the vehicle which hit a motor car before slamming into the women who were on the sidewalk near the intersection of Hagley Park Road and Maxfield Avenue, one of the capital’s most heavily traversed intersections.”

The article quotes the police inspector: “It appears he was talking to the other driver and did not realise that he was coming up on the vehicles at the stop light so fast.”

An unattributed article in the Gleaner says:

“Up to late yesterday, the police were still searching for the driver of the garbage truck which ran over and killed a newspaper vendor in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew hours earlier.[…] The police reported that the garbage truck was being driven along Hagley Park Road when it hit a Toyota Tacoma, which was travelling in the same direction […]According to the police, the impact caused the Tacoma to slam into a Honda motor car which was also heading to Half Way Tree.”

But wha’ di bumboclaat wrang wid dem yah people doh eeeh?

Ah di truck pick up itself an’ run inna nedda cyar, an’ den sen’ dah deh cyar fi go lik dung de people dem whe’ deh sell outta street?

The truck driver did not realize he was approaching a traffic light? Wait deh? Ah likkle before im ketch di intersection when dem go install di traffic light an frighten im a seven a’ clack a ma’rnin’? Is Half-Way Tree dis — anno some friggin’ roundabout way outta Maggotty. An whe’ di driver fi di Tacoma deh? Dem dat deh person no responsible fi di ‘ooman whe’ ded to’?

How and why is this major center for all kinds of commerce so completely unpoliced and chaotic that it is one big circus complete with executions, mobs and everything else, whe’ people ‘affi tek dem life inna dem owna han’ everytime dem pass tru deh?

Wha’ di rass is dis foolishness??

Me g’ah back ah mi bed before seh mi cuss more badwud and go raise up mi blood presha, y’awh!


2 Responses to “Passive Voice, Active Death”

  1. diatribalist Says:

    LMAO @ “An unattributed article in the Gleaner…”

    Who needs bylines when you’re the nations “newspaper of record”?

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I heard this on the latter story on the news yesterday. It is heartbreaking.

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