Danville’s Call to Arms

June 30, 2008

Published in today’s paper is a strong uncompromising statement by Danville Walker on the murder of Douglas Chambers.  Danville’s message to those so invested in the status quo: when yuh a dig grave fi me, mek sure seh yuh dig one fi yuhself.

But, watch and listen this week as the chattering classes equivocate and ask Danville to backtrack and qualify his statements.  

Read as the media try to spin the story to increase our paranoia and to divert attention from the lack of investigative journalism which has inadvertently contributed to the blossoming of corruption in government agencies.

Should Chambers’ death ever be properly investigated, the depth of the nastiness that has been JUTC will rival any pit latrine. And the name of every smaddy whe’ involve fi call out dung a Half-Way-Tree.


3 Responses to “Danville’s Call to Arms”

  1. diatribalist Says:

    I predict someone will go to jail to describe. Whether that someone will be the real killer, or part of the real conspiracy, will not be material. Take any poor underemployed young man, and as long as he is poorly educated (and preferably not light-skinned) he will suffice to satisfy the cries of the people for punishment. I have no confidence in the Jamaican justice system!


    Excellent letter of exhortation on the part of Mr. Danville Walker about never yielding to courruption and injustice with respect to the ASSASSINATION of Mr. Douglas Chambers,and the vicious and dastardly assault against the Jamaican State by terrorists.Also,I concur with your perspective on the paucity of investigative journalism and its concomitant or attendant contribution to the thriving and phenomenal growth or development of rotteness,putrefaction and corruption within the general society.Undoubtedly,if Mr.Chambers’ assassination were to be properly investigated,the muck and the reeking stench of the JUTC would be insuppressibly nauseating.Indeed,the mal-odorous and disgusting stench of the ubiquitous and institutionalized corruption wafting over the body politic from the nastiness of sundry governmental agencies need to be fumigated,sanitized and ve ntilated.And in doing so,as Mr. Chambers valiantly attempted at the JUTC,all individuals who/that are involved in various acts of improprieties and malfeasance be duly charged with due process of law implemented.

  3. longbench Says:

    Diatribalist — Oh yes. I totally agree; I can see it now. Any bus driver so smaddy hear a cuss off Chambers and tell him “boom bye bye” will be fair game. Please, i begging you kindly to stop using terms like the “justice system” — what we have and practice is a full-fledged insult to the concept of justice! Since when was the state (jamaican or otherwise) ever in the business of “justice”? Steuppss…It is for us, or those who are organizing around this case, to think and agitate beyond catching the person who fired the gun, to following the trail of money, promises, shake hand, and presents to expose the nasty entrails of the system and all the players who make things happen. Chambers is just one of many victims. Finding the person who shot him may feel gratifying, but its the least important step in all of this.

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