Bag o’ mout strikes again!

June 30, 2008

A Carlin moment for sure: garbage in, garbage out.

What is wrong with these politicians? Navel Clarke says hoteliers tiefing the tips from hotel workers. Well, everybody shoulda’ know dat already, right? But, if you is a senator, an you goin’ make a federal case out of the issue, you have to do more than just mek big speech; you have to show and mek yuh case. Well, I thought it was commonsense (ok, so its not so common, apparently) that you don’t spout off at the mouth until you have the evidence to support what you claim. But no, not in Jamaica. Not in our senate. Here, we feel quite free to level all kinds of accusations, with nothing to base it on, but somehow expect that we are going to be taken seriously just because we say it. Because, at the end of the day, its how we draw attention to ourselves isn’t it? We don’t give a damn about the actual issues. In the end, all of that chest thumping just casts doubt and aspersions on a perfectly important issue on which to debate and to act.

Next time Navel, hire a research assistant and have that person go put together a report based on all the studies done on the Jamaica tourist industry to find out how exactly the situation go. Don’t depend on hearsay and speculation. Otherwise, you look like a serious jackass.


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