Big Up Pear Tree Grove!

June 21, 2008

The Gleaner recently featured the Pear Tree Grove Citizens’ Association, which was recognized with the Michael Manley Award for Community Self-Reliance.

I am sure there were many naysayers, but that’s just because they were used to saying no regardless of the question, and sitting down to wait for the government or someone to come rescue them, though they’d probably never been rescued before. I’d like to know what made them change their minds. We could all stand to learn from these efforts at community mobilization.

But others clearly thought differently. They knew that the hardest thing to do, but the surest way to get things going, was just to show up. And they did. Here’s to communities figuring their way out, one idea, one cement block, one post office at a time.


One Response to “Big Up Pear Tree Grove!”


    Copious respect to the Pear Tree Grove Citizens Association in employing self-reliance to build a much needed Post Office for their community independent of government assistance.Hopefully,adjacent communities will emulate the Pear Tree Grove Citizens Association and employ self reliance in addressing some of the issues and challenges which confronts them daily.Way to go Pear Tree Grove.KUDOS!!

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