So, by now you hear the news; the Commissioner is reported as having resigned.

I’m not surprised – and neither should you be – that the police and all who dem in cahoots with, would dig in their heels and make it impossible for Commish to get anything done. I sense that he is a smart and savvy man, but I guess he didn’t have a plan B; no institution which has thrived so far on criminality would willingly give up the perks associated with kleptocracy. Even some members of the OPM secretly hope nothing comes of the anti-corruption measures being proposed; they too will be implicated for sure. I hope they didn’t threaten Lewin’s life and his career; that is entirely expected but sad and enraging all the same.

For sure, all who have been invested in the status quo will continue to be intransigent — even to go as far as to enable more murders, chaos and hence more dissatisfaction with the government to make their point. Its been done before; I don’t see why Jamaica would be an exception to this strategy. What is clear is that these cops need to be cajoled, if not beaten, into submission. At the very least, they need to start to feel – in their pockets, their personal lives and their social circles – that it is no longer profitable and comfortable for them to aid in raping the country of its sense of security. No time for jestering, nuh!

PS. Well, now dem a seh im him tek back di letter. Could be a great PR stunt on his part to make them realize how much they need him. As always, our PM is as duplicitous as ever. Lewin know wha’ im a deal wid d’oh. Mek we watch an’ see.