Obamarama: White Privilege is the Problem

June 1, 2008

Here we go again:


Right-wing propaganda?  Yes, with the able assistance of Fox News, the wingers will make mincemeat out of anybody and anything – white, black or blue – if it will hurt Barack’s campaign for the US presidency.

But, let’s not miss the point that Michael Pfleger is making in that segment of the sermon.   And he’s definitely on point, even if Barack thinks its politically expedient to dismiss him and his message.

And so the real damage that is being done here is not being committed by Pfleger, but rather by an American media machine that is hellbent in pursuing a different story, where any attention on “race” and “racism” necessarily represents black people and anti-racist whites as lunatics; somehow white people are not implicated in the “race” problem, only when they don’t agree.  When HRC was extolling the virtues of “hardworking white Americans”, it wasn’t a problem for her campaign, just fatigue, misspeak, etc.  Go figure.


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