Where there is moss, a post is not far behind…

May 8, 2008

The thing they say about rolling stones is probably true; not only don’t they gather moss, but they don’t write anything either. And this blogging thing does require me to sit on my backside long enough to process and write something reasonably intelligent for you to read. I think that’s in the fine print somewhere.

So, why no decent posts from March till now? Well, I’ve been rolling a lot, and left the computer where it belonged – at home. I am well aware that you have not heard a word from me about all the madness — the ongoing abortion drama, the latest debacle in the schools, the pornographic reportage on violence, hysteria about food insecurity, the miss ja. universe pageant, etc. etc. etc. etc. — nor about all the conscious acts of beauty in our midst like Curator’s Eye (even if some, like the recent Lorna Golding event, can be thoroughly elitist, self-serving and poorly organized).

But I did sketch a post or two in my head — look out for words on the following in the days ahead:

1. I went to Florida in March – I might be one of the few Jamaicans left who had never been there and am not taken with all dem wall-up wall-up communities. Nonetheless, I encountered an interesting story in the local entertainment rag about Sean Kingston, caught up with family gossip about the thuggish ravings of the one Fitzroy Salesman, and made some observations about the Jamaican queer youth who are hanging out on the street corners in South Beach.

2. I went to Chicago in early April to attend the Race, Sex, Power conference. Very stimulating in all the ways that a conference of this kind ought to be! Stayed with one of the organizers, Natalie Bennett (a fellow Jamaican!) and hung out with her and a group of “sexual intellectuals” for a bit. Had a great time, and of course lots to talk about.

3. Right after the conference, I flew off to Ghana to work in a medical mission, with a group composed of Caribbean immigrants from New York (Jamaica, Haiti, Guyana, Trinidad), folks who came from Jamaica and from Washington DC. It was hard work – beautiful, spiritual and transforming in the hot, humid heart of Ashanti territory in Kumasi. And yet, the only people who were clearly inept, and who had the nerve to complain about having to work hard, were from — yep — our own illustrious KPH.

4. I am now back in Chicago cotching at somebody’s house and yes, gathering some moss in this rainy Chicago spring weather. But, I did spend my birthday by going to a Korean bathhouse and experiencing the kind of bodywork that I had only associated with fantastic sex until now. Yes, there’s definitely something missing from our lives — a good scrub!

5. As this lovely gallivant is coming to an end, I am now getting ready to fly to New York and then to return to Jamaica for Calabash at the end of the month. I have never attended — I know, I know, I know. Plus a girlfriend tells me it will be a virtual queerfest this year. Now how could I possibly miss such an occasion?

In between all of that, I was sleeping, sick with the flu, trying to meet some deadline, dealing with a family crisis and trying to get some creative work done.

All the juices are now flowing, much has been said, now there’s writing to be done.


3 Responses to “Where there is moss, a post is not far behind…”


    Interesting itinerary!!

  2. Gofheiniaguege Says:

    kmrotsymenwytpriwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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