Canadian queers acting up against repression of Jac’n gays and lesbians

April 4, 2008

Today’s Star reports that organizers in Toronto are gearing up for a long fight with the Jamaican government. Read the article here. Yardflex also had this to say.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if some impatient and pissed off group of Jamaican citizens right yah so a ya’ad decided to take leadership on this issue and organize a grassroots public education campaign to speak out against the violence, bigotry and prejudice that’s crippling our ability to live with each other? Just in case you didn’t know — and contrary to the opinion of many of the stiff upper lip variety — democracies are not possible without noisy rabble-rousers demanding a better place for the most disenfranchised, and therefore all, of us. Besides, you don’t have to like the strategy that the Canadian folks are using. JFLAG certainly doesn’t.

However, I think calling for the boycott is worth a try because new issues, conversations and breakthroughs will come about as a result of the debate about whether boycotts are the best way at this time. The ripple effects, and the unintended consequences are what matters. Action, and organized collective action is the only way we can ever get to a new place. So, stop griping and moaning about the foreigners always telling us what to do — sorry to say, but foreigners tell us what to do on pretty much everything that matters in our lives these days — you didn’t hear Bruce Golding’s budget address?

The question is, what do YOU want – more of the same or something different and better?

Take your stance and act accordingly, but expect that you should be held accountable for what you do or don’t do on the issue of creating a more just and fair society.


4 Responses to “Canadian queers acting up against repression of Jac’n gays and lesbians”

  1. Leon Says:

    Wow. Guess they’re gonna hit ’em where it hurts. Wonder how this’ll turn out.

  2. Stunner Says:

    I’ll be posting my thoughts on this on Monday.

  3. mad bull Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how this ends.

  4. Fiyu Pikni Says:

    I took a look at the article on Yardflex, but was more interested in the people’s reactions to it, in the comments section.


    Nothing surprises me about Jamaica these days, but the bigotry and ignorance, which embody the commentators’ words of hatred for homosexuals, is sickening.

    If they believe that heterosexuality was ordained by God, and is in accordance with his teachings, then by all means be a heterosexual. Must they threaten to beat, mutilate, shoot and burn me if I disagree with their point of view? I am not asking for much…I don’t expect them to change their opinions about homosexuals any time soon…but I do hope that they could have enough respect for humans, to afford them the right to live, and make their own choices.

    Gad se batiman rang—Gonshat fi batiman.

    If their belief in God justifies their assurance that homosexual men and women must be killed, then a Christian upbringing cannot be the only reason for such an ignorant position; these people must be devoid of functioning brains.

    The reaction of people to homosexuality boggles my mind. It is just not warranted.

    I have this gut feeling that it will take the resurgence of Jamaica’s gay/bi/trans/all-sexual population, in a way unseen before, to ever change the status quo. People need to realize that “not being straight” isn’t a foreign idea being imposed upon Jamaica, it is present in every society- and is definitely the case for many people in ours. These bigots need to realize that we are here, and we aren’t going anywhere. One of the comments had said, gays are getting so bold nowadays…well yes, bold as in we refuse to be treated as second class citizens in the nation of our birth. Is that too much to ask?

    Enough is enough man. This is pure fuckery! Why was I born in a society of largely ignorant people? Uuuggghhh!!!!

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