Perish the thought!

February 28, 2008

According to Peter Espeut, having a secular state is part of the “worldwide homosexual agenda”.  According to him and other deep-thinking individuals in Ja., we would have nothing short of a gay Armageddon, if the society decided to encourage independent thought:

“In some countries, there are moves to define the family in different ways: in addition to one man, one woman and children, a family may be defined (they say) as two women and children, or two men and children.  

Questions are being asked here in Jamaica: why should Christianity be allowed to impose its ‘way’ on the rest of society? If two men want to get married and call themselves ‘a family’, and adopt children, why shouldn’t they be allowed to? Why shouldn’t we teach this to our children as ‘normal’, a lifestyle every bit as good and acceptable as one man, one woman and children?

Should we not allow our children to choose the lifestyle they wish, and to educate them about their options? Teach them from primary school that when they reach puberty they have the option to have sex with men or women, and to marry a man or a woman. And why not marry both a man and a woman at the same time? What is wrong with that!”


7 Responses to “Perish the thought!”

  1. mad bull Says:

    Hmmm… ok, I will say it. If two men want to live together as husbands, that is their business. Good for them.

    I don’t really want them teaching my yute however, or taking him on camping trips or anything like that, at least, not till he gets to University. By that time I feel he had better be able to make his own mind up about things and to not allow himself to be influenced by others. If not, him corner dark.

    No one should beat gay people, though. I am all for the school system teaching that gays exist, and that they shouldn’t be mistreated, etc. In the same way, kids should be taught about paedophiles, and what to watch out for and to avoid.

  2. longbench Says:

    MB — glad you dropped by!

    You know, I hear a lot of people say the same thing about not allowing gay men to teach their children (I presume you’re talking about a son, not a daughter?) but never got a clear answer that I could hold in my head, whether or not I agree. So, what is that about, exactly? Are you assuming that as a teacher, scout leader, etc., a gay man would sexually assault your son? Shouldn’t I make the same assumptions about straight men teaching my girl child? Is this about men, or is this about gay men? And why wouldn’t the same logic apply to gay men as to straight men, when it comes to how they express their sexuality?

  3. Mikayla Espeut Says:

    heyyyyyyyyy peter espeut we are family tony espeuts son is my daddy

  4. Mikayla Espeut Says:

    jk just kidding i have no idea who you are my name is falisha writes sorry

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