Obamarama: Obama On the Issues

February 15, 2008

Check out ObWi’s post. See what happens when people do their research? You get an answer to the W[hat] T[he] F[uck] question…



One Response to “Obamarama: Obama On the Issues”

  1. Esteban Agosto Reid Says:

    Yes, indeed,I read Hilzoy’s piece in Obsidian Wings the very day it was posted,and he definitely delineates that the issues are being addressed appropriately by Obama,irrespectiive of the fact,that the media and others are eagerly and desperately trying to portray Obama’s candidacy as lacking substance vis-a-vis the plethora of issues challenging and confronting the United States today.From my perspective, many of the issues are being addressed by Obama on a very frequent basis,but this so called lack of addressing the issues, or not addresing the issues, and that everything regarding Obama revolves around hope,change,future and vision,is in itself a tactic,a ploy and strategy on the part of the opponents.Individuals who are following this election extremely closely, as you are Longbench, will definitely observe and discern Obama explicating and expounding his position on the variety of issues, and espousing/advocating the various policy proposals that/which can or will be implemented to resolve some of these problems when he becomes the President.But despite these eforts, the nagging and somewhat calculated perception exists in certain quarters that Obama’s campaign is all lofty platitudes.Interestingly,if and when he becomes the Democratic nominee,the attack on,or,regarding the issues will become even more vociferous from the Republicans,because as articulated earlier,this has now become part of the arsenal of political strategies,and indeed the Republicans will exploit this strategy to its maximum.Consequently,Obama and his sundry handlers will have to be much more sophisticated, pro-active, marketable,more convincing,persuasive,incontrovertible, and impressive on the spectrum of issues when it becomes a two man race between the Democratic and the Republican nominee.RESPECT!!

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