Obamarama: Michelle for First Lady!

February 1, 2008

I’m nowhere as enthusiastic about Barack as I am about Michelle! The woman is fierce! And although mainstream US media wants to find a way to dismiss and diminish her, they won’t she’s a force to contend with.

I happen to like women with a mouth, especially when they have a position of visibility like from the White House. I loved Hillary when she was making them sweat at the White House. Laura Bush, on the other hand, is a pathetic example that I will not give many words do. I’m waiting to hear what Michelle has to say — she’s been lighting up the campaign trail, doing and saying what Barack won’t or can’t. Much like “the Closer” on TV, she knows what to say and when to say it.

In fact, I think the Presidency should be decoupled from the “First Lady/First Gentleman” position. That person should have to campaign too! If they are going to be relegated to a domestic role, or to shoulder candy, we should have something to say about their taste in furniture, food, and on policy issues related to running the White House. Even though lately I think Michelle’s been wearing some outfits that seem more like she borrowed them from CondiRice, I think she will bring some flavour to DC.

So, I say vote for Michelle O. for First Lady, 08!

P.S. Read this Feb. 13 article. In law school, “Michelle had no use for fig leaves.” Furthermore, “[when] asked about the role of first lady, Mrs. Obama said she saw it as a full-time job.  But, she hastened to add, she reserved the right to change her mind if she gets there.”  Although I am sure we disagree on many things, I do love this woman!


4 Responses to “Obamarama: Michelle for First Lady!”

  1. experienceaurie Says:

    Her one-on-one interview was very impressive to say the least. I must agree that she would certainly bring dignity to both the White House and to Black Women on such a profound level. From her potential position, I truly believe that there could be a dynamic shift in relation to the image of Black Women that even Oprah would not have the power to do except she run for some public office.

  2. Esteban Agosto Reid Says:

    After eight years of a staid and demure Laura Bush,Michele Obama would definitely bring some needed flavour and character to the White House and indeed Washington D.C.

  3. longbench Says:

    If you can vote in the Feb. 5 primaries, do as they say in Chicago — Vote Early! Vote Often!

  4. Definitely this SISTER Michelle is BLACK for us! She’s not a Condi/slave/girl/sleeping/with/the/slavemaster type! She’s for US. Yeah! If you see what one Nigerian male columnist based in amerikkka wrote about Michelle in a Nigerian newspaper(where I have been BACK TO AFRICA BASED since l978)you know that is what whites may not be able to deal with. This Nigerian said that amerikkka might be ready for a bi-racial president but he didn’t think amerikkka was ready for a BLACK first lady,you know what he meant. Well it’s up to us BLACK people! Get some BLACK unity and vote Obama in and not believe the white girl can even help us if she wanted to! Obama for a Black President is where it’s at!
    Your Sister from lawrence, kansas, back home in Nigeria,
    Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

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