Azan and Mega-Mart: A Distinguished Member of the Family of Kleptocrats

December 20, 2007

Can anybody really tell me that they really didn’t know that Mega-Mart and all the other businesses owned by the mega-family empires are not part of one big everlasting hustling of national resources?  Azan a tief light too??  That him get ketch is the news.  What to do with him and all the rest of them is what I am concerned about.

1. The Attorney General must immediately launch a full investigation with the INTENT to prosecute.  Resigning from whatever board he was on sounds lovely, but that’s just to placate us since we are so gullible as to think resigning a post means much when the Azan empire permeates the entire private sector.  And what about all their other stores that were probably tiefing light and who knows what else as well, but on a less grand scale? Me sure sey a long time now dem yah sitten a gwa’an.  Cooperating with the investigation does not restore honor or respect; he doesn’t even think that he did the public a disservice.  This is not strictly a matter between corporate entities.   The very people working and shopping at Mega Mart are not treated as if they are entitled to having electricity.   Trust me, when JPS used to come visit my community, is pure begging and pleading haffi gwa’an fi di likkle $1000 back money.  You know how much suck-suck, kisko, chicken-back, and box drinks melt out fi di likkle money?

2. We citizens should move set up a public utilities watchdog group whose goal it is to identify, root out corporate theft and see that proper restituiton happens.  Dem big construction company and gambling centers surely inna dis ya nastiness too.

3. There really needs to be a lawsuit and other forms of public protest by squatters and all others who have come been harassed and unfairly treated by JPS.   It can be purely symbolic, but it would reflect that people are paying attention.  People working at Mega-Mart are not paid a decent wage – the excuse? Its expensive to run such an enterprise.  Do we even know what the profit margin of a company like Mega Mart is? Nope.  But I can assure you, if Azan et al. can afford to pay back di who’lla di money fi de light whey dem tief, den you know sey is wicked dem wicked long time.


One Response to “Azan and Mega-Mart: A Distinguished Member of the Family of Kleptocrats”

  1. Esteban Agosto Reid Says:

    A very interesting post explicating the kleptocratic behaviour of one of the supposedly distinguished members of the corporate oligarchy.With respect to your question “What to do with him and all the rest of them is what I am concerned about.” One is of the perspective that the Attorney General as you rightfully contend must immediately undertake and initiate legal or criminal court action against Mr.Azan and others of this ilk and let the chips fall where they may.Meaning,if the investigation and due process of law categorically suggests and indicates that there were improperties with respect to stealing electricity from Jamaica Public Service,then he and others(kleptocrats) who have broken the law should pay the consequences as stipulated by Jamaican jurisprudence.It is full time that such kleptocrats understand that they are not above the law in Jamaica, and that the law is the law.The establishment of a public utilities watchdog group with the objective to eradicate corporate theft and provide restitution is mandatory and essential in a society such as ours.Excellent suggestion,hopefully,such an entity can be realized in the short term.Also,your position regarding a possible class action law suit,although symbolic must be explored.Indeed,the stealing of electricity on the part of corporations such as Mega-Mart is not new,novel or unprecedented.But hopefully,the chickens are now coming home to roost.RESPECT!!

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