Cow Counters Unite!

December 14, 2007

Glenda Simms’ recent column certainly inspired [joking then, serious now] some thoughts about reviving progressive activism in Jamaica.

At first, I came up with the name of organization and a title, for myself of course:  “Managing Director, Jamaica Federation of Cow Counters (JFCC)”.   Sounds like a parody of groups like AWOJA, etc.  Which would suit it nicely.   But I don’t know about the title; sounds bossy, grand, lofty sounding, think too much of oneself.  Definitely not what I was aiming for.

And then these came to mind: 

Jamaica Cow Counters’ Professional Association
Association of Jamaican Cow Counters

Again, as I let these roll through my brain a couple times, I didn’t like what these names suggest; one one hand, they had that sense of parody about the kind of work that “bureaus”, “associations” and “federations” usually do, which is not much in the way of social activism that I am interested in.  These names also seemed so status quo and bureaucratically-oriented; is this the natural demise of NGOs – to become like the very corporations and statutory bodies they used to critique?  In this sense, the names neutralize the grassroots critique being offered by the “cow counters” phrase.

And then I came up with “Jamaican Cow Counters for Justice”.  I’m liking this one.  To the point.  No disguising its goal.

Meanwhile, I will get to work on an appropriate title and job description for myself as well as a mission statement for the group.   Any input is welcome!  Let me know if you want to organize a cell wherever you are.


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