Money with strings

November 7, 2007

The government of the Netherlands is on the offensive regarding LGBT rights.  It has decided that it will directly engage, through Dutch ambassadors, with countries of the global south about decriminalizing same-sex relationship and sexual behavior.   All donors have strings attached to their monies — who they give to, the relationship they want to build, and how it should be spent.  It would really sweet me if they called the Jamaican government to task on the particular hostility to debate and to human rights issues regarding homosexuality.  I want to see the govament embarass itself on an international stage so people far and wide can see that while media coverage is part information part propaganda, the information piece needs to be taken seriously.   I was even thinking last evening that Jamaicans seem to take a particular pleasure in doing harm to people — through cussing, support for heinous practices like flogging and death penalty, and legislation.  What is it about us that we have come to believe that being punitive produces positive outcomes?  And why would we want to live under this kind of regime any longer?


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