If you can’t shut him up, bankrupt him…

November 1, 2007

As the letters protesting the homosexualization of our schools and the drafting of our children into that perverted lifestyle, let us pause for a moment and offer a word of prayer for the clan of Fred Phelps who must pay almost  $3 million (the jury awarded $11 million) for making funerals into his favored place for high drama, and terrorizing all who are within view and earshot.  Mind you, he didn’t have to pay when he showed up doing his usual  protest bit at the funerals of gay men who died of AIDS, but that’s because nobody probably sued him.  He did broaden his scope with the Matthew Shepard saga — the new motto was “celebrate dead queers and frighten the rest”, and now broadened it even more to include men killed in the Iraq.  According to Phelps doctrine, the US government has embraced homosexuality, and thus contaminated the military, causing the deaths of US soldiers in Iraq.  I usually preach love, tolerance and respect, but…if this lunatic showed up at any funeral I was at, and particularly for someone who I was close to, I would have to employ a rock stone, pepper spray or something equally harsh.  The man is just out o’ order. 


4 Responses to “If you can’t shut him up, bankrupt him…”

  1. angelawd Says:

    I totally agree – this man’s actions are an abomination to true Christians. I really applaud you for being willing to pray for him, though. Who knows what God can do to bring him back?

  2. healtheland Says:

    Please ignore the moral and spiritual errors of Fred Phelps in this case and concentrate on this: the actions of Phelps were LEGAL. He was not guilty of harassment, intimidation, disturbing the peace, or so much as trespassing in any of his protests, and his speech, though offensive, is protected by the First Amendment as political and religious thought is. And in this case one cannot even say that Phelps committed slander or libel, because he did not speak against the dead soldiers but conversely against the government for causing their deaths!

    Phelps had an $11 million judgment against him for making federally protected speech in a completely legal way. That means that anyone who says something that someone else – or the the government – does not like can do the very same thing to you to shut you down. Anti – war protestors, environmentalists, social justice advocates … you may cheer this judgment because you oppose this fellow theologically and politically, but you would be myopic not to realize that you aren’t next! And when that happens, who is going to stand up for you? http://healtheland.wordpress.com/2007/11/01/so-the-war-between-church-and-state-begins-with-fred-phelps/

  3. longbench Says:

    healtheland: I appreciate your trying to pull that libertarian first-amendment thing, but it won’t fly with me. I am well, well aware of how the rightwing arguments and strategies like yours have swayed courts to make it impossible for women to get to abortion clinics. The approach was totally legal; the intent was to harm, and the law was used to make that harm possible, and even to legitimize harm. The same rightwing arguments have been used to silence much dissent regarding the war, so-called terrorism, and to make all the 1st and 2nd amendment diehard complicit in causing much harm to those deemed “un-American”. So, my dear, they’ve already “come for me” and I am still standing.

    Fred Phelps and his clan are and have been an outlier on every count in the anti-gay crusade. This scaremongering about the state coming to get all those who speak against homosexuality — dude, get a clue! This is the most anti-gay administration in recent decades. Fred Phelps is a menace to society – you know it, and I know it, but see the meaning differently. He went a bit far when he decided to besmirched the state by calling the whole military worship thing into question. In a way, he was critiqueing the war, he was just way, way off. He thought he had the state in his pocket and at his back because he always has. If the state was so pro-gay and anti-religion, Phelps wouldn’t even be around today. Do you have any idea how much harm he and his folks have been allowed to cause over the years? Truth is, anyone who had decided to protest military funerals during wartime as zealously and used any other argument, they would have been sued too.

  4. Esteban Agosto Reid Says:

    Yes,I would do the same as you would if Fred Phelps was to show up at any funeral I was attending. I would stone the hell out of him.This guy is just totally sick!!RESPECT!

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