‘Low Me Nuh!

October 28, 2007

Last week sometime, I get a news flash that Staceyann Chin was on Oprah.  So I email Staceyann and cuss her and ask her how come she nevah tell me sey she dey go pon Oprah.  We talk and laugh, and then she sends me the following weblink a few hours later:


I read it, and I had to remind myself to breathe, and not to vomit, cry, scream, fire off an equally violent response, curl up under a blanket and go to sleep for a few decades, or plot all kinds of revenge on the dangerous stupidity that reigns among our people.  Actually, I didn’t give up on the latter, but I did send the weblink to another friend, who, thankfully, responded as I could not in the moment:

My freedom only begins when yours also begins….I am biting this phrase from someone’s blog but I thought it was really apt here. These sites [like dancehallreggae.com] attract folks who have time on their hands, much space in their lives for stupid and hurtful discussions, and clearly limited forums for expressing their reductive ideas.

Look how quickly the thread degenerates into personal attacks. This all speaks to the lack of critical thinking among many in the Jamaican populace, which makes the country and its diaspora (BK, BX, etc.)a dangerous place.

Folks, we are in the era of human rights (wake up and drink some Jablum!) Medieval practices — and the support of same — are not the hallmark of modern societies! It’s funny how folks caan wait to appropriate all the material products of industrialized (read modern) societies (check out my criss new cyar my bwoy!) yet we find ourselves inexorably tethered to archaic ideas.

We can’t deny one of the principal elements of broadcast media which is render all as spectacle. At the same time, to not look for the source of a fire when big smoke a blow is simply foolhardy. I mean the idiot remarks are just unending (JA doesn’t have bathrooms to fit 12 man and their female rape victim…is which JA dem grow up in???)

I feel like throwing some stones bac o de wall whey them come out from but this would be inconsistent with the spirit I’m trying to spread here…is diversity, love and acceptance I preachin’…even for the lickle man dem who never see a multi-stall bathroom in JA yet).

If we all agree that we each have the same right to some fundamental protections, privileges and expressions, then there would be no need to fight down we one another. As long as folks continue in the paradigm where they are less than or more than and such constantly measuring self and others instead of ‘lowing people, then there is no end in sight.

Bwoy, you just have to kill the misguided with love and guidance all o de time and hope they can see the reflection of their amazing and same time ordinary humanity shining in the luminosity of your own good will.

Perhaps we should amend the phrase above to read: My freedom only begins when I have struggled to ‘low yours to begin.


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